Some Tips…


I have probably been inundating you with a lot of information regarding our country’s foundations. Just when you probably thought you’ve had enough, here’s more information for you:

  • Please make sure that you are keeping up with my updates posted to Edmodo! You will receive information regarding updates I make to the class page and deadlines for your child’s assignments!
  • Every lesson has a PDF attached describing what your child must do for his or her assignment and how it is to be done. Please, check those out and read them over!
  • Check our schedule on the Edmodo page to find when assignments are due. It will give you a good visual sense of these deadlines.
  • There is homework for Lessons 1-4. However, there is no homework for Lesson 5, as students’ group projects are due on Monday, August 14th.
  • Remember what is going into the final project: Students have been using class time to prepare their presentations on Voice Thread, to gather materials (such as pictures, research snippets and talking points), and ask questions to either myself or the iCivics or NCSS organizations on Twitter. If your child is unsure as to what the expectations are for a good presentation still, there’s a few things you can do:
    • Review the presentation rubrics. I posted all rubrics for the instructional unit at the beginning of the course.
    • Each group has a series of folder. Check the folder “Final Presentation” to access the rubric and other materials to assist.
    • Have your child rehearse his or her speaking part with you. This could be a great way for your child to feel more comfortable when delivering his or her presentation in front of class.

Please let me know of any issue that comes up. You can contact me using the information I have provided on my profile page on Edmodo.

Thank you once again, and your support has been wonderful.


Mr. Assante


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